About Us

Our team is dedicated to placing the top applicants into our clients' open positions. If there is not a position that fits the candidate, we will keep the application on file until a position becomes available. All applicants that are hired are drug-tested, have a background check ran, and have their employment verified through E-Verify at the expense of Green Fit Placement. If other services are needed by the client, we would be happy to arrange for them. Our company is already FAA compliant, and we will work with clients to follow any other regulations that they are required to have. Green Fit Placement always has an open door for our employees and clients. Please call us at 281-764-8466 or visit us any time.

Mission Statement

To place qualified employees into our clients' open positions in a timely, cost-effective manner so clients can focus on growing their company and employees can get their career started.

Our Values